Perry Dotson, PGA

Register now for the PGA Junior League, ages 8 to 13.  The kids love it!!

Teaching Philosophy - "ALL GOLFERS ARE NOT THE SAME" There are certain fundamentals that we all must learn in order to improve. However, we are humans not robots. Different body types, athletic abilities, and mentalities are ever present and must be addressed.

Many instructors teach a certain program, while I prefer to adapt to the individual's unique abilities and needs.

Lesson Rates
  • 1/2 hour $40
  • 1 hour $60
  • Series of 6 1/2 hour lessons $200
  • 9 hole playing lesson $100

Lesson Plans can be customized to fit each Students specific needs. For more information please contact Perry Dotson:

Contact Info
cell 765-215-3378
Had 4 lessons with Perry and am looking forward to 2 more. Best golfing instructions I have had (and I've had a few). He makes sense in his approach of teaching and explains in a way you understand. If you're having trouble, SEE PERRY. He's good.
- Beverly, Ramona, CA
Yesterday I had my first lesson with Perry.  I'd previously met Perry, and liked his attitude right away. A  friend has taken lessons and told me how much she enjoyed herself and how she was immediately able to apply new techniques that helped her game.  I had only golfed a little, over 20 years ago, so we needed to start with the basics.  Perry was extremely patient and a very encouraging teacher.  One of the key things he focused on right away was my fear of following through and showed me a method that made it more intuitive for me to do this properly. I was surprised how many times I actually hit the ball!  I'd taken golf lessons before and they were OK, but my lesson with Perry was actually fun!  Highly recommended!
- Michelle, Ramona, CA